Women's Wellness Conference

Saturday September 17, 2016

Black Box Theatre/Little Falls NY


"I had the best time at the conference and met so many interesting women and one man, LOL. Every year I go just gets better and better and I can't wait until next year. We are all success stories and we do so badly need to realize that about ourselves. How can things get any better than this? I guess we'll find out now won't we. Namaste"

~Ida Mento

"In September of 2013 I was given the opportunity to cater and introduce myself at the 5th Annual Women's Wellness Conference-`Unmasking the Wild Feminine`. I really enjoyed meeting such a diverse group of ladies, sharing in our trials and triumphs and generating a mutual support for each other. Together, without our `masks`, we embraced the moment and the freedom to just be...Truly an emotionally exhilarating experience!"

~Elaina Marie Amendolare Integrative Healthcoach & Manager at Ward's Pond B&B

"“I was able to attend my first I Am a Success Story™ conference this year with my mother and I loved it. After 2 months i can still feel the effects. Thank you Blase and beautiful woman for creating something so amazing and empowering. I very much hope to attend the next one"

~Lydia Barnes~

"Hi my name is Nora and I live in North Dakota close the the Canadian border . I live I am a success Story™ !! I look at this website several times a day for motivation and insight to help me with my difficult days. Thank you so much for this wonderful website! I only wish there was such a wellness center in grafton or close to it.. I think it would be so beneficial for so many woman . Don't stop doing a great job people count on you daily."

~Nora Sanganoo-Storey

"Thank you so much for the kind words posted on `Until Death`. I applaud the work you do and your mission."

~Until Death Do We Part